What you can buy at Copake Hillsdale Farmers Market

We would love for you to think of the farmers market as your superfarmmarket, stocking your fridge, pantry and freezer with market goods.

Here’s a shopping list of provisions from our amazing vendors.  Almost all of the items listed are SNAP-eligible (excludes alcohol, flowers, hot prepared foods). Almost all the vendors listed are at market weekly, but some vend less often.



Vegetables and fruit (Common Hands Farm, Earth Born Garden, Hawk Dance Farm, Honey Dog Farm, Markristo Farm, Yonderview Farmhouse, Tivoli Mushrooms, Hudson Valley Apple Project, White Oak Farm)

Bread (Berkshire Mountain Bakery, Lightforce Bakery)

Baked goods (Berkshire Mountain Bakery, Ellen’s Country Kitchen, Crumble + Melt, Lightforce Bakery, Lime Kiln Farm, Potters Table, Great Cape Baking Co., Strudel House)

Eggs (Common Hands Farm, Lime Kiln, Highland Farm [ostrich], Hudson-Chatham Winery)

 Cheese (Farmers Door, Lime Kiln Farm)

Cut flowers and plants (Vine Gate Lavender Floral Farm, Markristo Farm, Yonderview Farmhouse, Hawk Dance Farm, Honey Dog Farm)

Prepared foods (Mei’s Homemade Dumplings, Corona d’Oro, Common Hands Farm, Ellen’s Country Kitchen, Graylight Farm, Highland Farm, Naji’s Mediterranean)



Honey (Bash Bish Honey)

Maple syrup (Earth Born Garden)

Jams & jellies (Earth Born Garden, Great Cape Baking Co., Hawk Dance Farm, Hudson Chatham Winery, White Oak Farm)

Salts (Taconic Trading Co, Common Hands Farm)

Coffee beans (Clermont)

 Spiced pepitas (Taconic Trading Co)

Beer, Wine & Spirits (Little Apple Cidery, Roe Jan Brewing Co, Cooper’s Daughter Spirits, Hudson-Chatham Winery, Hamlet Hound)

Olive oil (Lime Kiln Farm, Pogliani Select)

Jarred sauces (Italian Market including dried pasta, Pogliani Select, Lime Kiln Farm)

Canned / Pickled Vegetables, Pickled Eggs (Common Hands Farm, Lime Kiln Farm)

 Condiments / seasonings (Corona d’Oro, Common Hands Farm, TNT Bitters)

Body care (Asia Luna, Vine Gate Lavender Floral Farm, occasional artisan vendors)


Pork, Beef, Chicken, Pork, Lamb, Poultry, other Meats (Highland Farm, Graylight Farm, Pym Farm, Lime Kiln Farm, Finn Sheep, Jacüterie)

Pesto / salsa (Corona d’Oro)

Prepared meals, soups (Ellen’s Country Kitchen)

Bread (Berkshire Mountain Bakery, Lightforce Bakery)

Baked goods (Berkshire Mountain Bakery, Ellen’s Country Kitchen, Crumble + Melt, Lightforce Bakery, Lime Kiln Farm, Potters Table)

Coffee beans (Clermont Coffee)


Enjoy your shopping with us!