We need you! Volunteers wanted to lead teams

rack card frontWe’ve been in operation for ten years. Over time, the market has grown in many ways — adding more vendors, activities and education, increasing our promotions and on-line presence, and recently, creating this beautiful website.

Running the market consists of dozens of tasks, large and small. Some are done in the pre-season (January-May) while others happen throughout the season. We are seeking volunteers to handle some of these tasks, and we need a “volunteer coordinator” or team leader to be the liaison between those volunteers and the Steering Committee.We’ve organized the volunteer tasks into two groups — those that involve activities at the market, and those that are completed off-site. This is practical, and acknowledges the different skills required in each role.

11406893_857292701009166_32318518585452876_nWe envision a volunteer team coordinator to gather each team of volunteers to complete the tasks described. To encourage communication, each volunteer team coordinator will meet with their team once a month. At these meetings, suggestions and feedback from the volunteers will be solicited, and any market news will be relayed back to the volunteers.

We understand that your first question may be “What is the time commitment for being a team leader?”.

doggie day snap 2015It will vary. Team 1, which deals with on-site activities, tends to handle bursts of activity whereas Team 2, the communications team, is a slower but sustained effort. Remember that the team leader does not necessarily have to execute any of the duties listed; they are the coordinator, keeping things moving along and making sure that communication is clear and timely.

While we envision the team leader positions to be volunteer, as are almost all of the existing staffers at the market, it may be possible to provide a stipend.

We are glad to discuss this, and answer any of your questions, once you get in touch. Just email us at copakehillsdalefarmersmarket@gmail.com or stop by the Manager’s Table and chat with our Market Manager, Nicole.