Walk on the Wild Side with Margo Mullein

dandelion-31406_640 SIGN UP NOW for an exciting event on September 17th (10-11AM): WEED WALK

Take a “Walk on the Wild Side” with herbalist Margo Mullein

Get to know some of the wonderfully wild medicinal herbs growing in our area during a plant walk / meet and greet. Margo will joyfully be your guide and introduce you to the useful plants growing nearby the farmers market. Make friends with the plants who can support health and well-being, naturally, as we discuss harvesting, plant lore, uses and more!

This meet and greet is for lovers of the Earth, and those curious about the wild medicinal plants growing underneath our feet.



Margo Mullein has been a practicing, certified Herbalist since 1998.  She enjoys guiding others to nurture and deepen their relationship with the earth through lectures, education classes, walks on the wild side, weekend workshops and retreats.

SIGN UP for this special event at the Manager’s Table.

Stay tuned for info on a special demonstration by Margo on making infused vinegars on October 22nd.