Vendor Lineup for November 17, 2018

Goodies from Cheval Farmstead Dairy

This week’s lineup for our “Winter Market” on Saturday includes:

VEG & FRUIT: Markristo Farm, Common Hands Farm, Little Apple Cidery


MEAT & CHEESE: Jacuterie, Graylight Farm, Pym Farm, Cheval Farmstead Dairy, Farmer’s Door


BAKED: Sparrowbush Farm, Ellen’s Country Kitchen, Great Cake Baking Co.*, Philmont Community Bakery


Jam gift set from Great Cape Baking Co

SPECIALTY FOOD: Bash Bish Honey, Billy’s Italian Market, Olde York Distillery


ARTISANS AND BODY PRODUCTS: Simple Soap*, Foxy & Winston


* Scheduled to vend, then last minute change, won’t be there.