We need you! Volunteers wanted to lead teams

rack card frontWe’ve been in operation for ten years. Over time, the market has grown in many ways — adding more vendors, activities and education, increasing our promotions and on-line presence, and recently, creating this beautiful website.

Running the market consists of dozens of tasks, large and small. Some are done in the pre-season (January-May) while others happen throughout the season. We are seeking volunteers to handle some of these tasks, and we need a “volunteer coordinator” or team leader to be the liaison between those volunteers and the Steering Committee. more “We need you! Volunteers wanted to lead teams”

We want YOU! Help us keep the market fabulous

Nicole design with egg tomato and beans smaller
Design & photo by Nicole Friedrich

We are really proud of our market!

We get such wonderful comments every week on the many components: our vendors, the layout, the weekly newsletter, the friendly people staffing the Manager’s table, the active Facebook page, the colorful signage, this website, all of the special activities, the yummy samples from the Guest Chefs, the fantastic live music, the fun Market Kids events, even the handy Port-a-Potty. more “We want YOU! Help us keep the market fabulous”