Shop with confidence at our market! (but no dogs, please)

If you get our weekly newsletter, you’ve seen our reminders about all the precautions we’re taking re: COVID — social distancing, masks, pre-packaged food, small groups of shoppers, handwashing / sanitizing, no lingering at market, etc.  One of our precautions has raised a few questions, and that is our request not to bring your dog to the market this season.

Best Small Dog winner — 9 week old Lily the English ShepardYou know that we LOVE our canine friends, even going so far as to hold “Doggie Days” over the years. But this year is far from the norm (yeah, understatement). In a nutshell, having the dogs tends to add to the social aspect of the market, making it tempting to linger and chat with other dog owners. Since we are trying to help customers “get in, get out”, the dogs can be an impediment and create unwanted traffic.

Now, we are not suggesting that you leave Fido or Fifi in your hot car. If your plans go awry, you are shopping alone, and you have no choice but to bring your dog in, we won’t stop you. But please do try to work with us in avoiding this situation. What has happened in the past few weeks is that customers see the few dogs that must be allowed in, and think that it means we’ve lifted the policy. We haven’t — we foresee this continuing through the end of this season,  although we have high hopes of returning to normal in EVERY way next season!

Thank you all for your understanding.