Our COVD guidelines, 2021 Season

Be assured, we are keeping up with the ever-changing guidelines,  both from the CDC, State of NY, and Farmer Market Federation. Here is what the landscape looks like for you at our market:

  • Masks: fully vaccinated guests are not required to wear masks (but may if they wish to). For peace of mind, we’ve asked our vendors to consider masking up regardless of vax status, for now at least.
  • Social distancing and hand washing: we feel those are reasonable and easy practices to ask everyone to continue. The same is true of shopping in small groups, and limiting congregating.
  • Handling produce: customers are once again allowed to select their own produce as opposed to choosing from pre-bagged.
  • Sampling: while sampling is now permitted, it is under specific circumstances. We ask that you talk to your vendor about how they are handling sampling.
  • Eating on site: chowing down on-site will be allowed, which is terrific since we will have several new options of prepared food.
  • Music: we’re so glad to say that performing musicians will be welcomed at CHFM once again,  beginning in July.
  • Dogs: your canine friends will be allowed back this season, as long as you follow our Dog Policy.