Our 2020 Season – How we are doing it safely

Our market is scheduled to open for the season on Saturday May 23rd, with the usual hours of 9AM-1PM, running through October 31st.

There are 29 vendors scheduled to participate at this time at the weekly market.

Of course, under the current situation with COVID-19, we wanted to take the time to fully explain to you what precautions we are taking, and what safety guidelines will be in place to protect customers and vendors alike.

Market Layout:

Our market will utilize the covered barn as well as outside concrete and grassy areas, relying on CDC recommendations of social distancing (6 feet). This preliminary vendor layout map (not to scale) shows designated entrance and exit, two hand washing stations, handicap accessibility, and widely spaced vendor booths.

What the market will do to promote safe and responsible shopping:

Social distancing protocols will be enforced by Market Manager, board members, local volunteers, intern and vendors.

Through CHFM social media outlets (Facebook and Instagram), newsletter,  both the Town and market websites, the market will provide social distancing protocol to the public and customers of the market.

There will also be visible signage onsite at the market.

Musician program, community guests, Library children’s program and monthly Artisan Days have been discontinued until further notice.

Picnic tables will not be put out for public seating.

Restrict eating food onsite.

Vendor booths will be spaced a minimum of 6 feet apart, with forced spacing in front of them as well.

Shoppers found gathering or socializing will be reminded of social distancing protocols.

Shoppers will be discouraged from bringing dogs to the market at this time.

Market will maintain one customer entry and one exit. Customers will not enter market through marked off areas.

Market will have chalk lines or markings to illustrate proper distancing between shoppers and vendor booths.

Incoming shoppers will line up 6 feet apart at market entrance if interior market capacity needs to be restricted.

Curbside pick up for pre-ordered /pre paid items will be made available if coordinated between vendor and shopper (details to come).

Market will supply two hand washing stations and hand sanitizer for vendor and customer use.

Cleaning supplies, wipes, gloves, and hand sanitizer will be available through market manager for vendor and customer use as needed. Vendors should be supplying their own on a weekly basis.

Port-a-Potty will be maintained by market management on a regular basis throughout the market day.

Vendor Responsibilities:

Stay home if sick or feeling sick or exposed to someone who has symptoms or positive diagnosis.

All vendors must wear protective face covering/ mask.

Vendors must supply employees with masks, food grade gloves, and hand sanitizer.

Frequently wipe down surfaces, cash boxes, phone/payment devices and change gloves frequently.

Provide additional staff if possible to handle money sales.

No sampling of any kind.

All food items must be sold to be eaten offsite/ to go.

Encourage customers to pre-order and pick up at market.

Pre-package food items whenever possible.

Vendors will have clear signage to remind shoppers not to touch food products.

If possible, vendors will have an additional table in front of display for money transactions and to discourage shoppers from entering personal/ product space.

Vendors should also follow recommendations per NYS AG & Markets:

Shopper responsibilities:

Must remain home if sick, exhibit symptoms or have confirmed diagnosis.

Shoppers must wear protective face covering/mask.

Wash hands or use hand sanitizer before entering the market.

Enter and exit market through designated areas.

Maintain a 6 foot distance from other shoppers, market staff and vendors.

Purchase and pre-pay from vendors for curbside pick-up whenever possible.

Shoppers should not touch food products unless packaged or bagged. Please allow vendors to hand you products.

Shoppers may use their own reusable bags.

Buy in bulk whenever possible.

Use credit or exact change whenever possible.

Limit socializing or gathering at the market.

Food should be taken off-site, no eating at the market.

Please limit the number of shoppers from each household, to one.

Immunocompromised or elderly shoppers, or expectant mothers, that want market products but don’t want to shop at the market should contact us at copakehillsdalefarmersmarket@gmail.com.  We’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

The Copake Hillsdale Farmers Market protocols are per guidelines of the CDC, NYSDOH, NYS Agriculture and Markets, The Farmers Market Federation of New York, Farmers Market Coalition and state and local government.

Per Governor Cuomo’s Executive order 202.6, in which Farmers Markets have been deemed an “essential business”.

Executive Order 202.18 concerning use of face masks/coverings, in which it is now required that customers as well as vendors wear face coverings when in a public place.