On deck: four new vendors!

rack card backIt is exciting when the vendor roster is finally complete for a new season!

Along with many familiar names, we are delighted to welcome four new vendors in our lineup that kicks off on May 28th:

County Kitchen – an exciting variety of prepared foods, from breakfast options to side dishes to seasoned butter! Selections will change weekly to keep it fun.

From The Ground Brewery – a brewery that is committed to “keeping it local”,  the majority of the barley used is grown onsite at Migliorelli Farm. They also source many of their hops from farms in New York State.

Philmont Community BakerTheir breads are unique and made with Malt Leaven, based on sprouted barley. All breads are wheat-free and made with less degenerated grains as Spelt and Rye.

Taconic Trading Co – Bringing two of the most unusual foods to our market, Les and Emily smoke their own salt over apple wood,  and create yummy spiced pepitas (pumpkin seeds).