In Depth: TNT Bitters

TNT Bitters was officially formed as a company in September of 2017, and operate out of Cambridge, NY.

Anastasia Monaco tells us “I co-founded TNT Bitters Company for a completely selfish reason. I wanted bitters that weren’t sweet but were…well…bitter! We created flavors that filled a void in the bitters world. Our bitters are super bitter!”

It is so important to trust the products that we put in and on our bodies. “We believe in transparency with our ingredients. Too often, especially in the world of bitter drinks like Italian Amari, companies hold their recipes too close to the vest. Their labels and websites say “spices” or “herbs” but don’t tell you which ones. I’m not saying companies should disclose the exact amounts and process to make their products but ingredient lists seems like a no-brainer! ”

TNT Bitters can be found in the Berkshire Food Coop in Great Barrington. We are also sold in a bunch of stores in NYC and all over the country. All locations are listed on our website, Customers can absolutely email an order and we can arrange pick up at the market.