In Depth: Lorna’s Naturals

We asked Lorna Maskell how her Woodstock body care company got its start: “As an adult I started to suffer from allergies.  I decided to attend a lecture on natural things to help with allergies.  I purchased the herbal pills that were introduced to me.  What an amazing feeling I had after taking these pills.  My allergies were gone and I felt terrific. “




She continues, “Then I started to think about my grandmother who was Native American and how she made medicine at home for us to take when we were young.  Whatever grandma was making, after taking it we were cured.  I was a teacher and had summers off and decided to study with Urbalists in the Catskills instead of going to Europe, which I did every summer. After 6 months of taking a course that introduced me to plants in the Spring, Summer and Fall, Lorna’s Naturals was born.”

This company is very personal to Lorna. “I make all of the products myself and I am very careful to make them as I created them.  I make them in small batches with the best ingredients I can find.  I purchase a lot from farmers.   I grow some herbs myself. In essence, I am making the products for me and they have to be the BEST otherwise it does not go on my body. ”

“It is so nice to get to know your customers.  I enjoy talking at Farmer’s Markets and I am hoping that I can develop a following of customers at the Copake Hillsdale Farmers Market.   When I am not at the Kingston market I will be at Copake.   I used to pass Copake and Hillsdale on my way to the Lenox Farmers Market.  I always thought it was a beautiful area so I am looking forward to being there as a vendor.”

Lorna notes that her most popular products are:

  • Face Moisturizer which I have to constantly make
  • Face Oil which keeps my face young looking
  • Herbal deodorant
  • Bug stick

Among her soaps (which she slices into bars in front of you), her favorites are Lemon and Eucalyptus as well as Lavender and Patchouli.  Charcoal is another favorite one that a lot of customers like.