In Depth: Hawk Dance Farm

We’re starting with one of our most enduring farmers, Damon Clift and Diane Creed from Hawk Dance Farm in Hillsdale.

Damon wants everyone to know that “it’s an honor and a privilege to grow food for people. As hard as it can be, and as much blood, sweat and tears there are, I just focus on growing food to feed people. Every season, I learn more and I want to continue to be a better farmer.”

Damon does all of the farming by hand, with this shallow soil tiller his preferred tool.“I follow organic practices on our farm. I work hard to keep the soil healthy so that it keeps the plants healthy.” He uses compost from Hudson Valley Organic. “By doing it all by hand, there is a lower impact on the soil’s ecosystem, and I can maintain the soil’s biome.”

This gorgeous land covers about 3 acres, with Damon growing in 3 gardens spread over 1 acre.

Shoppers will enjoy all varieties of produce throughout the growing season. You will also find HDF jams and preserves, cut flowers, and their handmade beeswax candles as time and space allow.