How we are using the Sponsor funds

We can’t tell you how grateful we are for the response to our sponsor appeal from the community! The names of our benefactors are all listed near the bottom of each newsletter, here on our website, and at the market.


At this time, we wanted to fill you in on HOW these funds have been used (or are earmarked to be used).

Live music — thanks to Hillsdale General Store as well as several individual sponsors, our season of live music is funded. We happily kicked it off last week, and have talented local musicians booked all over the calendar.

Tables and Umbrellas — our “guardian angel” in this category is the Henry L. Kimelman Family Foundation, who gifted the Town of Hillsdale with funds for the improvement and benefit of the Roe Jan Park. The new tables are sturdy, accessible to all, and arriving soon!

SNAP matching — We are committed to supporting our SNAP (food stamp customers) by doubling their buying power.  To make this possible, we needed a hefty amount of funding, and we got it! The dollar amount of SNAP sales has increased by 20% so far this season, a very encouraging direction.

Operating expenses — this “bucket” is where your donations went when you didn’t specify one of the categories above. So far, we used your funds to purchase ads in media that we normally couldn’t afford, allowing the news of our fabulous market to spread.

For example, we ran a small ad in Main Street Magazine’s July issue, to celebrate their article that highlighted several local markets including ours. We are also considering changes to our organizational structure, as well as our own charitable giving.