Congrats to all Grillsdale chefs!

By all accounts, Grillsdale 2017 was a big success!

We were thrilled on several accounts:  first,  it is lovely seeing the Roe Jan Park being used for more and more events (this one was held in the “Hilltop Barn”, just up the hill from ours,  the “Harvest Barn”).

Second, THREE of our vendors were called on to be chefs! All chefs were tasked with grilling a signature dish, and supplying samples to the 400ish guests. Afterwards, the public votes on the best dish.

Our vendors were Jack Peele of Jacuterie,  a charcuterie-maker extraordinaire, who actually took home the top prize last year. Next was Brigid Dorsey, owner of les collines, a producer of exquisite jams, jellies and preserves. Third,  Eric Suquet of Graylight Farm manned the grill, serving up various sausage varieties made from his pasture-raised pigs.

Congrats to the organizers, four energetic women who make up the team who took this on for the second year in a row.  As is our mission, they are putting Hillsdale and surroundings on the map for our amazing food and drink!

Photo credit:  Peter Cipkowski