Copake Hillsdale Farmers Market Ranked Tops in New York State

American Farmland Trust’s summer-long Farmers Market Celebration – an annual effort to rally support for local farms and family farmers by calling on shoppers to identify the best of America’s farmers markets – rankings have our Market 13th best in New York State.This year’s Celebration encouraged market customers, family farmers, community members – anyone who believed they had the best farmers market in the country – to endorse their market in four unique areas: Focus on Farmers (12th), Healthy Food for All (12th), Pillar of the Community (11th) and Champion for the Environment (10th). See graphic.

“Farmers markets are critical for new and beginning farmers. Next generation farmers selling directly to consumers at farmers markets have nearly a 10 percent greater chance of staying in business than those selling goods through traditional retail. And when family farmers thrive – our community, economy and families thrive.” says Susan Sink, American Farmland Trust’s Vice President of Development and External Relations.

Congratulations to our market. It is outstanding to be ranked so highly in all of New York State and even in Columbia County with all of our great local farmers markets. Thank you market customers!