In Depth: Clermont Coffee Roasting Co

Clermont Coffee Roasting co-owner David Bagley explains,
“Clermont Coffee Roasting Company has been my lifelong vision and ambition, the idea to start a micro, specialty coffee roasting company in my community. The name “Clermont” seemed fitting since my wife Jill and I moved to the area years ago now and my father grew up in Catskill, not far from Clermont. I have many childhood memories of this part of the Hudson Valley. Our main vision is to create a business that collaborates with others while providing world class quality coffee, grown sustainably, and roasted to perfection by hand to offer the local community.”  more “In Depth: Clermont Coffee Roasting Co”

In Depth: Lorna’s Naturals

We asked Lorna Maskell how her Woodstock body care company got its start: “As an adult I started to suffer from allergies.  I decided to attend a lecture on natural things to help with allergies.  I purchased the herbal pills that were introduced to me.  What an amazing feeling I had after taking these pills.  My allergies were gone and I felt terrific. ” more “In Depth: Lorna’s Naturals”