Bread in the Order of Melchizedek – a guest post by Life Force Bakery

Please enjoy this blog post that digs deep into the meaning of Ordeum Malt Leaven Bread, a new bread that supports the individual consciousness. Click HERE to download and read the PDF document provided by Koenraad van der Meer of Light Force Bakery.

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The True Price of Local Food

Martha Jackson Suquet — the Winter Market Manager for Berkshire Grown as well as co-farmer at Graylight Farm —  authored this insightful piece about the price of local food.


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Guest Post: “7 Quick Ways for Reducing Food Waste at the Farmer’s Market”

Erich Lawson is passionate about saving the environment through effective recycling techniques and modern innovations. He works with Compactor Management Company and writes on a variety of topics related to recycling, including tips and advice on how balers, compactors and shredders can be used to reduce industrial waste. He loves helping businesses understand how to lower their monthly garbage bills and increase revenue from recycling.

Farmer’s markets are a great way to boost local economies and provide people with fresh produce. They are also a great way to promote sustainability and endorse sustainable initiatives. These public and recurring gatherings of farmers directly sell the food they produce to the customers.


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