Shop with confidence at our market! (but no dogs, please)

If you get our weekly newsletter, you’ve seen our reminders about all the precautions we’re taking re: COVID — social distancing, masks, pre-packaged food, small groups of shoppers, handwashing / sanitizing, no lingering at market, etc.  One of our precautions has raised a few questions, and that is our request not to bring your dog to the market this season. more “Shop with confidence at our market! (but no dogs, please)”

Local Farmers Markets Cope with COVID-19

by Martha Jackson Suquet – Berkshire Grown,  co-owner of Graylight Farm

In Pittsfield, community members get their fresh local produce via their local farmers market, but this year the market experience is a bit different. Instead of wandering among market booths, customers place their orders online and market volunteers deliver the locally-grown products to the buyer’s doorstep. Roots Rising, which operates the Pittsfield Farmers Market, has responded to the COVID-19 crisis by switching to an entirely virtual farmers market. more “Local Farmers Markets Cope with COVID-19”