CHFM, Inc. — known as  Copake Hillsdale Farmers Market —  is a not-for-profit run by a small Board composed of dedicated volunteers. They give many hours of their time to make sure that our market is the best it can be. The market relies on vendor fees, business sponsors, grants, and donations.

We ask you to consider partnering with us as a sponsor for our 2022 season. Please review this letter which details HOW we plan on spending donated funds, and WHAT our goals are for several fundraising categories. Thank you!


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Our 2022 Sponsors:

Special thanks to Berkshire Agricultural Ventures
as well as Xavier and Catherine Negroni
for their generous support that allowed us to meet the funding goals of our SNAP Matching program.

We also thank Herrington Fuels for fully funding our new Power of Produce program,  a collaboration with the Roe Jan Community Library.

Richard DelValle
Robert H. Patterson, CPA
Allan Davidson (TechLoops)
Honey Dog Farm
Copake General Store
Joan Esposito
Janis Smythe
Claudia Ray & Peter Zinman
Tony & Mei George (Mei’s Homemade Dumplings)
Interiors by Timi II
Gerard & Marybeth Ketz
Katherine Snelson
George & Barbara Gellert
Denise Bricker
Health in Motion
Michael & Trudi Haberman
Alice Juliano
Elliot Sobel & Beth Gordon
Sandy & Norman Reisman
Franny Alexander (Peace Mountain Yoga)
JS Levinthal
Lea Sorensen
Joyce & Jim Lapenn
The Law Offices of Heidi T. Cochrane

Our 2021 Sponsors:

Special thanks to Henry L. Kimelman Family Foundation for their generous donation to Town of Hillsdale to benefit Roe Jan Park. This Foundation supports numerous social causes and community resources.

Thank you to Hillsdale General Store & Home Chef for sponsoring the majority of our live music program, allowing us to achieve our funding goal for this category.

Farm Credit East for their merit grant. “We are stewards of our local communities. Whether it’s volunteering with 4-H or FFA youth events, local food banks, coaching sports or fundraising for the organizations we are passionate about, you will find the Farm Credit East team is eager to step up.”


Eileen Cohen
Robert Patterson, CPA
Richard Del Valle
The Pass Cannabis Dispensary
Denise Bricker & Ken Crowley
Linda Peister & Gene Aronowitz
Franny Alexander (Peace Mountain Yoga)
Beth Gordon & Elliot Sobel
Timi Bates (Interiors by Timi II)
Claudia Herr
Lea Sorensen
Dana Weissman
Alyce Juliano
William Lonsdale
Maria Pfeiffer
Jorn Ake & Claudia Salomon
Mei & Tony George (Mei’s Handmade Dumplings)
Caroline Stewart
Claudia Ray & Peter Zinman
Meridith Glabman
Janis Smythe
John Jasmin (Bash Bish Honey)
Alison Schermerhorn
Lorraine Gray
Jennifer Harvey
Mount Washington House
Sensible Solar for Rural New York
Anonymous 1
Emily Rubin & Les Baum (Taconic Trading Co)
Gretchen Stevens
Jillian Slonim
Shirley Ripullone
Joan Grubin
Gerald & Susan Metz
Joan Esposito
Michael & Trudi Haberman
George & Barbara Gellert
Rene Gibson
Friends of Columbia Solar
Bill Sullivan
Gerry & Marybeth Ketz
Sandra & Norm Reisman
Point of View Farm
Joyce & Jim Lapenn
Zelda & Bill Furner
Anonymous 2

Our 2020 Sponsors

Paul & Cathy Robertson/Corona d’Oro
Barbara Gellert/BiGi’s Labradors
Claudia Ray
Robert Patterson, CPA
Timi Bates/Interiors by Timi II
Michael & Eileen Cohen
Janis Smythe
Gerard & Marybeth Ketz
Katherine Snelson
Anonymous 1
Roberta Roll/Health in Motion
Countryside Car Service
Denise Bricker & Ken Crowley
Herrington Fuels
Mei & Tony George/Mei’s Dumplings
Franny Alexander/Peace Mountain Yoga
Trudy Haberman
Meridith Glabman
Anonymous 2
Gene Aronowitz & Linda Piester
Elliot Sobel & Beth Gordon
Paulette Bonanno
Anonymous 3
William Boris-Schacter

Previously, our sponsorships were limited to funding only our music and intern. Our 2019 Music Sponsor for the whole season was Hillsdale General Store / HGS Home Chef, and our Intern Sponsors were:

Copake General Store

Peace Mountain Yoga

Mirror Mirror Clothing Shop

Interiors by Timi  (518) 325-9025

Hill and Dale Property Concierge (Willa Horton)

Random Harvest

Copake Veterinary Hospital

Dandelion Energy

Mei Handmade Dumplings – Tony & Mei George

Health In Motion – Roberta Roll

Gina’s K-9 Bed & Breakfast

Elke Rosthal/ Summer Camp for Dogs

The Gellert Family

Countryside Concierge & Detailing

Bill and Zelda Furner