Opening Day May 27: MEET THE VENDORS!

It is the best of both worlds — this year’s vendor lineup features many of your favorites from last season, PLUS several exciting new farms and faces.

A farmers market is about FARMERS, so we are glad to include Markristo, Hawk Dance, Earthborn Garden, Yonderview, Common Hands and Honey Dog, each bringing a wide variety of vegetables throughout the season.

With more specialized farm products, we have Tiny Hearts (flowers), Mettabee (starts and wool), Woven Stars (formerly named Lightforce – starts and mushrooms), White Oak (corn), Little Apple with heirloom apples and hard cider, and Fix Bros. Fruit Farm with cherries, peaches and apples.

The cheese lovers will be delighted this season to find many sources and varieties: Chaseholm, sold by Jacuterie, Lime Kiln (goat cheese and more), Farmer’s Door (collection of cheeses from 10 farms), and Cheval (goat cheese and more). more “Opening Day May 27: MEET THE VENDORS!”

Pondering Opening Day…

Folks might imagine that farmers and farmers market lie dormant over the Winter and early cold months of the year. While it is true that there is little growing in the ground, believe me, the work never stops.

The farmers have been sowing seeds in their toasty greenhouses, encouraging delicate young plants to grow strong roots. The seeds are a result of the hours and hours spent poring over the catalogs; should we try a new variety of tomato? Will people buy turmeric? Can my land support ginger root?

Meanwhile, the farmers markets have been meeting and planning during the cold hiatus, figuring out what worked, what didn’t, what to change, who to move, what to pay, what to charge, who to recruit, how big to expand?

It is a tremendous amount of work, truth be told. But it all comes to fruition once the vendor list is finalized and the approach of Opening Day is measured in days. For our market, the warm and wonderful Copake Hillsdale Farmers Market, there are less than 18 days before the ringing of the bell at 9:00AM on Saturday May 27.

Join us! It is going to be an amazing season.

more “Pondering Opening Day…”

Bring music into your life with a sponsorship

Are you interested in sponsoring a musician?

We are getting ready for another exciting season, complete with a wonderful cast of weekly musicians. We had a fantastic line-up last year, and almost all of them will return. We will also be adding a few new musicians to expand our roster, entertain our shoppers and add to the ambience of the market.

We are very grateful for all the support the business community and  individuals gave last year, and we look forward to having even more community involvement this season.

To learn more about music sponsorship and all of the perks, please review this 2017 Sponsor letter .

Thank you!

FreshConnect Checks: making your food more affordable

Did you know that our market accepts SNAP (food stamps)? Even better, were you aware that you get an extra 40% of buying power with your SNAP purchase via New York’s FreshConnect checks?
For every $5 in SNAP tokens you buy, you are also given a $2 check spendable at the market on SNAP-eligible items.

Loyal customers rewarded with best goodie bags ever!

chfm-bagsThree faithful customers took home Copake Hillsdale Farmers Market heavy-duty canvas totes filled with delicious products from our many wonderful vendors (vendors).  The loyalty punch card program kicked off on Customer Appreciation Day, July 23, and ran until the last Saturday of this year’s market, October 29.  Shoppers presented their loyalty punch cards at the information table each Saturday, and the folks with the highest attendance won the product-filled bags. more “Loyal customers rewarded with best goodie bags ever!”

We need you! Volunteers wanted to lead teams

rack card frontWe’ve been in operation for ten years. Over time, the market has grown in many ways — adding more vendors, activities and education, increasing our promotions and on-line presence, and recently, creating this beautiful website.

Running the market consists of dozens of tasks, large and small. Some are done in the pre-season (January-May) while others happen throughout the season. We are seeking volunteers to handle some of these tasks, and we need a “volunteer coordinator” or team leader to be the liaison between those volunteers and the Steering Committee. more “We need you! Volunteers wanted to lead teams”

Livestock Q&A September 10th

cow-759018_640You know you live in farm country when you see an event titled “Livestock Q&A”, right?

On September 10th, Cornell Cooperative Livestock Educator Jason Detzel will spend 2 hours (10AM to noon) answering all of your livestock questions.  Of course, he cannot guarantee that he will have an answer right away but he can point you in the right direction and keep you up to date on the latest data and research coming out of the extension system.

more “Livestock Q&A September 10th”