Where to find your favorite vendors

We know that you have come to count on many of the products at the market!  So,  we wanted to let you know where to find them once the season is over.



  • Miller Middle School Holiday Fair, Kingston, NY 10/28
  • Kingston Model Railroad Show, Kingston,NY 10/29
  • Taconic Hills Holiday Craft Fair, Craryville,NY 11/4 and 11/5
  • Coleman Catholic HS Holiday Craft Fair 11/4 and 11/5
  • Kingston HS Boosters Holiday Market , Kingston, NY 11/11
  • Colonie HS Holiday Craft Fair Colonie, NY 11/18
  • Christian Brothers Academy Holiday Craft Fair, Albany, NY 11/18
  • Basilica Holiday Farm and Flea, Hudson, NY 11/24, 11/25, 11/26
  • Saugerties Boys and Girls Club, Holiday Fair, Saugerties, NY 12/3
  • Trinity United Methodist Church Vendor Fair, Hudson, NY 12/9

We will also selling all our products throughout the year. We can be reached to order products by phone (518)851-3514 and/or email at coronadoro13@gmail.com






Check at the new Copake General Store due to open in November

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Expert tips for the perfect Pumpkin Pie!

Our Fall Pumpkin Festival is on October 14th this year.  In honor of the versatile orange vegetable,  we bring you a lovely local story as well as expert pie advice.

As part of Hillsdale’s 6th Annual Pumpkin Festival,  the HGS Home Chef sponsored a pie bake-off! A dozen entries were received,  and expertly judged by Louise Roback (Home Chef in-house chef, pastry maven and Guest Chef at our market) and David Wurth (Chef Owner,  CrossRoads Food Shop).

Chef Louise offers you some excellent advice for achieving your best pumpkin pie:

“I recommend to folks a recipe from Rose Levy Beranbaum in her Pie & Pastry Bible since she is the queen of pies and baking.

Congratulations Hunter, Brayden and Ethan, three local Cub Scouts who won Honorable Mention in the Pumpkin Pie Contest. Good job gentlemen!

This year I adapted Rose’s technique of adding a layer of ground gingersnaps and toasted pecans to the bottom of the pie, layered in above the crust and below the custard filling. This both adds a flavor element and helps somewhat in keeping a flaky bottom crust. Not necessary; more like gilding the lily. But I encourage everyone to make their own pie crust which is always going to taste better than store bought! Recipes in Rose Levy Beranbaum Pie book and other good baking books.

I prefer to cook my own pumpkin rather than buy a can. I choose a “pie pumpkin” or “cheese pumpkin” (some like Hubbard squash), cutting a pie pumpkin in quarters (and a cheese into similar size wedges), brushing the cut edges lightly with oil and baking with cut edges down on a metal baking dish at 400 degrees for about 45-55 minutes until totally yielding and soft when poked with a fork.  (Turn over after 30 minutes to the other oiled side/edge.)

Blue ribbon winner: Sally Antunovich

Let cool, scoop out seeds & their attached webbed flesh, then scoop out solid pumpkin flesh to use for your pie. I then purée the pumpkin in a food processor for almost five minutes until completely puréed.  At that point, you can weigh out the amount needed for pies, muffins, cake, etc, and freeze in labeled containers to use later.

For pumpkin pie spices, there’s probably a lot of variation based on personal preference. I prefer to skip cloves entirely because I think cloves are too dark/strong-flavored and overpower the other flavors. I like: ground ginger, good cinnamon, freshly-grated nutmeg, and a pinch of allspice.

We carry spices, pie cookbooks (many!), and baking equipment at HGS Home Chef. I am happy to talk at length with all who come to the store and want to talk baking!  I hope that’s helpful, and best wishes for a successful pumpkin day!”

Louise Roback
In-House Cook,  HGS Home Chef
2635 Route 23, Hillsdale, NY 12529
518 325 7000
photo credits:  Matthew White


Visited by The Witches of Roe Jan!

Truly,  you never know what excitement will be happening at our market!

This past Saturday,  customers were delighted and surprised by the sudden appearance of a group of broom-wielding witches. A boom box on the ground was turned on,  and the beat of a primitive dance blared out.

Kudos go to Kelly Fox, proprietor of the Mount Washington House in Hillsdale,  for bringing together the Witches of Roe Jan.  This same dance was performed later that day on the front lawn of The Mount.

Should you wish to perform the Wolfshager Hexenbrut yourself,  here is a detailed tutorial to walk you through it:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMsEU8P4fKs

Yeah, we’ve got it!

We recently put together a list of the products available at our market, for a press release. When you  actually put it all down on paper, it’s kind of astonishing!

So, let us remind you, too:

  • maple syrup, honey
  • fresh coffee (by the cup or pound)
  • peaches and other fruits
  • pasture-raised meats (beef, pork, lamb) along with bacon, sausages, salamis
  • so much produce and fresh herbs 



  • flowers (bouquets and singles)
  • poultry, and eggs
  • cheeses (goat, cow and sheep)
  • pesto, pickles, and sauerkraut
  • jams, jellies, and preserves
  • breads and other baked goods (savory and sweet)
  • wine, beer, fresh lemonade (soon, cider)
  • Specialty (smoked salt, pumpkin seeds, pâté)
  • prepared foods (to-go and on-site)
  • body products and more!

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Congrats to all Grillsdale chefs!

By all accounts, Grillsdale 2017 was a big success!

We were thrilled on several accounts:  first,  it is lovely seeing the Roe Jan Park being used for more and more events (this one was held in the “Hilltop Barn”, just up the hill from ours,  the “Harvest Barn”).

Second, THREE of our vendors were called on to be chefs! All chefs were tasked with grilling a signature dish, and supplying samples to the 400ish guests. Afterwards, the public votes on the best dish.

Our vendors were Jack Peele of Jacuterie,  a charcuterie-maker extraordinaire, who actually took home the top prize last year. Next was Brigid Dorsey, owner of les collines, a producer of exquisite jams, jellies and preserves. Third,  Eric Suquet of Graylight Farm manned the grill, serving up various sausage varieties made from his pasture-raised pigs.

Congrats to the organizers, four energetic women who make up the team who took this on for the second year in a row.  As is our mission, they are putting Hillsdale and surroundings on the map for our amazing food and drink!

Photo credit:  Peter Cipkowski

A banner week! August 26

All of our regular vendors will be on hand, with their bounty at the peak of the growing season. You can see them all listed here: http://www.copakehillsdalefarmersmarket.com/vendor-list/

With this being the last Saturday of the month, we welcome our Artisans & Specialty Food Producers! This is an exciting time for them and for you, as these monthly features have been very popular. There are about 18 guests under tents, just outside the barn. Their wares vary from furniture, jewelry, handcrafts, olive oil, fresh-made cider donuts, and grilled sausages. For the full list, visit http://www.copakehillsdalefarmersmarket.com/vendors/artisans/

Our Guest Chef this week is Louise Roback from HGS Home Chef. She will be demonstrating a creative use of corn in a dish (10AM to noon).

Music makes the world go around! We welcome Abby Lappen, a very talented singer-songwriter who we’ve had the pleasure of hosting before. Here is a short clip of a performance last year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXgYZ2aWN6k

Folks from the Harlem Valley Rail Trail will be on hand to tell you about an exciting event coming up in September!

Last, this is also the day for our annual Corn Festival!

Activities include:

* of course, corn for sale, from White Oak Farm
* popcorn samples
* corn shucking contest for kids
* corn stamping art for kids
* a corn-centric recipe demo’d by the Guest Chef
* vendors bringing as many corn dishes as they can — corn muffins, corn quiches. popcorn, etc.
* in-site grilled corn!

GUEST POST – Native Bees are Dying. Here’s How You Can Help

We are delighted to share an important and eye-opening article from guest contributor, Christy Erickson.  Christy works with savingourbees.org and can be reached at info@savingourbees.org

Native Bees are Dying. Here’s How You Can Help

From Cheerios to Burt’s Bees, honey bees are everywhere in American society. Maybe that’s why, when the topic turns to disappearing bees, everyone thinks of the honey bee. But honey bees aren’t the most common bee, or even the most important. Here’s what you need to know about the other bees — our native species. more “GUEST POST – Native Bees are Dying. Here’s How You Can Help”

Pre-Festival Tasting & Farmers Market August 3rd!

In a joint partnership, Copake Hillsdale Farmers Market and Falcon Ridge Folk Festival are holding a Pre-Festival Tasting & Farmer’s Market on Thursday, August 3rd from 2-7 PM.

This will be the third year that this event is held, You will find it set up on the grounds of the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival at Dodd’s Farm on Route 44 CR 7D in Hillsdale, New York. Over 25 local farmers, food producers, distilleries, wineries, and breweries will come together to create a tasting experience of locally grown and produced food, drink & artisanal items for the attendees.

The Tasting & Farmer’s Market will be held in the Family Stage Tent at the festival. Guests are invited to stay for the evening and visit the Lounge Stage over in the fest’s huge Dance Tent from 5-11 PM, another of Falcon Ridge’s pre-fest traditions.

Visit www.FalconRidgeFolk.com for more information on tickets, artists and attractions. This year’s Festival is held on August 4,5 and 6.

FULL vendor list HERE!

The Roe Jan Park is a treasure to explore!

Trying to get your kids away from their electronics, and out in Nature?

The Roe Jan Park is one of the best places around to go with the whole family. There are several trails; a dog park; a community garden; a small stream; some playground equipment; a volleyball net; gorgeous scenery;and of course, our farmers market!

NEW: thanks to the generous Caroline Stewart, we now have several “activity packs” for children of all ages. Different packs contain different tasks, challenges and games. I spotted a compass, a magnifying glass, a map, crayons, and more!

To borrow a pack (or 2), go to the Manager’s table during the market (9-1) and sign out your pack. Just be sure to get it back by 1 when we close up shop.

At the market itself, you will find (most Saturdays) Ashling Kelly and the “Farm Market Kids”. Ashling, youth coordinator at the RJ Community Library, organizes fun, interactive games and projects from 10AM to noon inside the covered barn. More info HERE.

If music is your thing, you can enjoy very talented local musicians performing live from 10-1 every week. Folk, rock, pop, jazz, bluegrass; soloists and duos; relaxing and energizing.  More info HERE.

So, so get out, come over, and enjoy some time with us in the Roe Jan Park!!

9140 Route 22, Hillsdale NY (across from the Roe Jan Community Library).

PHOTO CREDITS: Joanna Virello
TRAIL MAP: http://hillsdaleny.com/parks-and-recreation/roeliff-jansen-park/