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Guest Chef Laura Griffin

If someone handed you some kohlrabi, garlic scapes, and a sunchoke, would you know what to do with them? In fact, would you even recognize all of them?

If the answer was “no” to either question, don’t feel bad! For many people, these and other vegetables are foreign, not something that we grew up with or eat every day. That’s where we step in!

Throughout the season, we will have “Guest Chefs” on hand to inspire you  with seasonal produce, using easy, healthful recipes.

Guest Chef schedule — check back for updates!

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Louise Roback was the in-house cook at HGS Home Chef in Hillsdale. A decades-long Columbia County resident, Louise is a professional baker, a move she made in 2012 to the sweet and happier side of life after many years as a litigator in public interest and civil liberties. Louise has taken many baking classes at the Culinary Institute of America and the Institute of Culinary Education, and launched her baking career with an apprenticeship at acclaimed Bakery Lorraine in San Antonio. She teaches cooking and baking at HGS Home Chef, and helps coordinate the cooking classes, and bakes whenever she has a spare moment to duck into Home Chef’s kitchen.

Julie Gale is the owner of At The Kitchen Table Cooking School in Hillsdale, NY. After working as a social worker advising parents through the special education process, Julie followed her life-long passion for cooking and opened her own cooking school. Read more about her interesting background and culinary accomplishments here.

Laura Griffin is a member of our all-volunteer Steering Committee. As the former owner of Your Spice of Life, she learned how to cook simple, flavorful and healthful meals that are accessible to any level of cook.

Here are a few of the recipes demonstrated over time:







Thai Fried Rice Julie Gale


Escaraole and Beans














Black Rice Sesame SaladGarlic Scape Almond Pesto



Kohlrabi Cabbage Melon Slaw

White Bean DipKale dusted popcorn



Farro Zucchini Salad (HGS Home Chef) — click image to go bigger


Corn-off-the-cob salad (HGS Home Chef) – click to view larger

You will also find many other recipes demonstrated,  here.


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