Community Food Programs


SNAP is a nutrition program that can be used to purchase eligible food items using wooden tokens. Tokens are in whole dollar amounts and vendors do not provide change.

SNAP-LogoTo find out whether you qualify and to apply for SNAP, please visit

For information about the EBT system, visit

BONUS:  When purchasing SNAP/EBT/Food stamp wooden tokens, we will MATCH you with Double Up Food Bucks (up to $20.00).  These DUFB increase your buying power, and can be used to purchase produce or fruit.

See Manager’s table for additional information and assistance.

WIC and Seniors Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) coupon redemption

Vendors accepting WIC vegetable and fruit checks have a poster at their stall.

The $4 dollar seasonal coupons of FMNP for WIC recipients and seniors can be used to purchase fruits and vegetables where indicated.

Note these are valid for fruits and vegetables ONLY.

Roe Jan Food Pantry

While we do not collect at the market for the Roe Jan Food Pantry any longer, you are still able to support them by monetary donations.

The need is great; please be generous if you are able.


Hillsdale Blessing Box

Individuals have created, and support, a “Blessing Box” in the parking lot of the Methodist Church at the intersection of 22/23.  This effort is not related to the Church or to the Food Pantry, it is entirely community-driven.  How it works: any time of day, you may drop off food or toiletries (depending on the weather, you can leave perishable food — check the temps.) If you are someone who needs nutritious food, you may come by anytime and take what you or your family needs.

Thank you for your contributions!

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Joining a CSA has become a popular way to purchase local, seasonal food directly from a farmer. A farmer offers a “share” consisting of vegetables and/or other farm products available weekly throughout the season. This arrangement benefits both the farmer and consumer and is a great way to support our local food system.

Some of our vendors offer CSAs. Check with each farm for specific information.

Hawk Dance Farm

Common Hands Farm