Rural Intelligence “Readers’ Choice Awards” go to……

The results are in for the annual “Best of…” from RURAL INTELLIGENCE!


Copake Hillsdale Farmers Market — runner-up for best farmers market…
and congrats to Berkshire Mountain Bakery — 1st place for best bakery & also runner-up for best pizza!
“Readers submitted 12,000 nominations and more than 40,000 votes for businesses in Litchfield, Berkshires, Dutchess, and Columbia counties. The results are not only enlightening; they are also a guide to everything regional. That includes everything from where to eat, drink and shop; who to hire for wedding, home and financial services, to which organizations to consider supporting or to taking a class from. Thank you to everyone who participated — readers and nominees alike — and a big RI hug to all the winners.”

Start Gathering Up those Acorns! 

We know that Fall only arrived a few weeks ago, yet we wanted to start thinking about prepping for the long Winter — specifically, stocking your pantries and freezers with market goods. With a handful of markets left before the end of this season, consider grabbing extra provisions from our amazing vendors:


Honey (Bash Bish Honey)

Maple Syrup (Earth Born Garden, Philmont Community Bakery)

Jams & Jellies (Earth Born Garden, Great Cape Baking Co)

Salts (Taconic Trading Co, Common Hands Farm)

Canned / Pickled Vegetables, Eggs (Common Hands Farm, Lime Kiln Farm)

Olive Oil (Lime Kiln Farm, Pogliani)

Alcohol and other Beverages (Little Apple Cidery, Roe Jan Brewing Co, Cooper’s Daughter Spirits, Hudson-Chatham Winery)

Jarred Sauces (Italian Market including dried pasta, Pogliani, Lime Kiln Farm)


Pork, Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Poultry, other Meats (Graylight Farm, Pym Farm, Lime Kiln Farm, Finn Sheep, Highland Farm, Jacuterie)

Pesto (Corona d’Oro)

Prepared Meals (Cheval Farmstead Dairy, Ellen’s Country Kitchen)

Bread (Berkshire Mountain Bakery, Philmont Community Bakery)

Baked Goods: Berkshire Mountain Bakery, Ellen’s Country Kitchen, Crumble + Melt, Philmont Community Bakery, Lime Kiln Farm)

Coffee Beans (Clermont Coffee)