Guest Post: 7 Ways You Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

I believe we aren’t doing enough to protect our planet. I created to educate the public and help people get smart about climate change. I’m very passionate about encouraging people to take action. I think that an informed, engaged public is the only way to save the planet.

– Neil Stawski <>

Practically everything you do creates carbon emissions. These greenhouse gases come from human activities and end up having an impact on the environment.

With over 7.6 billion people alive on this planet, that impact adds up. The call to action for humans to become more environmentally friendly is stronger than ever. Every individual has opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint by making changes in what they do in the community and at home.

1. Community Garden
Living in an urban area doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own garden. Community gardens are a special treat for green thumbers who want to grow their own vegetables and fruit. Community gardens are a piece of land shared by multiple people, so in the absence of a yard, you and your neighbors can do your part to reduce air pollution and add oxygen to the city air. If that’s not possible, buy fresh food directly from farmers. more “Guest Post: 7 Ways You Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint”

Welcome Casana T House Food Truck!

Casana T House Brings Tea and Tasty Treats to Farmer’s Market


Beginning this Saturday, July 28th thru October 27th, visitors to the Copake Hillsdale Farmers Market can now enjoy sweet French crepes with Nutella, jam, bananas and strawberries, and both the chicken-lemongrass and the kale dumpling offerings from the Casana T House in Hillsdale; while also sipping on fresh brewed Mao-Feng organic iced tea or Roselle-Hibiscus iced tea among other cold drinks.


The T House, which opened in the Hillsdale Village Square last Summer, is owned and operated by Carrie Chen, who also sells her infamous cashmere scarves there, along with other fine items designed by both her personally, as well as other amazing artisans – including one-of-a-kind teaware handcrafted by local resident and internationally award-winning artist Paul Chaleff.


Casana T House is open Friday through Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., but you can now sample their food & teas by visiting their Food Truck at the Copake Hillsdale Farmers Market.


In addition to freshly brewed Asian teas, espresso and artisan crafted coffees, Casana T House offers wine, beer and sake in their Asian inspired Village Square location.


Their breakfast and lunch consists of everything from sunny-side up eggs, to salmon, salads, sandwiches, sushi, dumplings, bento boxes, Japanese noodles, flat bread pizza, and an array of scones, muffins, Asian pastries, mochi ice cream and delightful little finger sandwiches on a three-tier tray for afternoon tea. The tea room is also open for parties such as baby or bridal showers or other events by reservation.


For more information, check out the Casana T House food truck at the Copake Hillsdale Farmer’s Market on Saturdays,  stop by their Cafe location at 2633 SR 23 in the Hillsdale Village Square, call 518-325-6105 for To-Go Orders, email or visit or CasanaTHouse on Facebook.


Source:  D Curto / Carrie Chen

New matching program for food stamp purchases


We are thrilled to announce a new matching program for SNAP (food stamp) purchases, organized by Field & Fork and funded by the Berkshire Taconic Foundation. Get more fruits and vegetables when you spend your food dollars at our market with Double Up Food Bucks!

For every $2 of SNAP EBT card dollars a customer spends at our market, customers get $2 of free Double Up Food Bucks to spend on any New York State-grown fruits and vegetables, up to $20 per market visit per day. Visit or stop by our market information table at your next visit for more information.

Strawberry Day — raffles and more!

Celebrate this popular fruit with us on Saturday!

At the Manager’s table, enter a free raffle to win a basket of strawberry-related goodies worth up to $50!
The basket will include fresh strawberries from Common Hands, a small pie from Ellen, a goody from les collines,  some excellent Simple Soap product, and a very nice strawberry-themed card and cute small berry counting book signed by Joy Newton.
How to get in on this raffle? Just fill out the raffle slip and drop it in the bucket.

BONUS: if you can list the super secret promo code, “I LOVE FARMERS MARKETS“, you will be entitled to a *second* raffle entry ticket to double your chances.

The vendors are getting in on the action, too. Brigid of les collines will have her Strawberry Preserve with Lapsang Souchong, telling us “I created the flavor four years ago, and we mostly use strawberries from Samascott Orchards in Kinderhook, along with Fishkill Farms in Dutchess County.”

Farmer Dan with Common Hands will be selling strawberries;  Ellen’s Country Kitchen is making Chocolate Strawberry shortcake; Heidi of Simmons Sugarworks is selling her strawberry scones, and Hawk Dance Farm is selling a Strawberry Jam.


Meet the new vendors…

It’s an exciting milestone in a farmers market season when all of the applications are received, reviewed, space planning completed, vendors notified, and lineup announced!

For 2018, we are glad to announce several new names and products for you to enjoy:Hudson Valley Seafood –  “The best source for sustainable seafood in the Hudson Valley”

Sparrowbush Farm – freshly milled flours, whole grain breads, seasonal pasta, granola, turmeric & ginger

more “Meet the new vendors…”